Polk Audio Surround Bar 9000 IHT

October 10, 2013

Polk Audio Surround Bar 9000 IHT
Polk Audio Surround Bar 9000 IHT Detail

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Polk Audio Surround Bar 9000 IHT Description

The SurroundBar 9000 Instant Home Theater not only delivers all the convenience of our earlier sound bars, it also delivers the best sonic performance of any sound bar/sub system currently on the market. It was designed to bridge the gap between the convenience of a single-speaker/wireless subwoofer system and the sonic performance of a component home theater. With the 9000 you experience greater dynamic range, incredible system clarity and bi…

This Instant Home Theater is about more than creating sound far beyond what any TV speakers can produce. The 9000 is about transforming your flat panel into an amazing home theater experience. Polk technology and innovation make this possible. For starters, you’ll hear superior center channel intelligibility thanks to the Optimized Center Array, a feature that employs all of the bar’s drivers. Then, like real component systems, we use the critical 80Hz crossover point for bar and sub to …

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Polk Audio Surround Bar 9000 IHT